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        Congratulations to the company for signing 12 bare eye 3D full color LED screens

        Time:2023-04-26 Views:1
        Yesterday, there was good news from the business department that, after undertaking 20 immersive LED full color screens last year, they have signed another contract for 12 indoor internet celebrity exhibition halls with naked eye 3D full color screens this year. About 1000 square meters in total. The models are P2.0 and P2.5. The production, installation, and materials of the screen are all produced by our company.
        In recent years, LED displays have combined holographic projection, AR, VR and other technological means to create immersive experiences, commonly known as "immersive LED displays" and also known as the LED Dream Cube, and have become a popular form of offline online entertainment for consumers.
        The video resolution of customized LED immersive naked eye 3D video materials can be consistent with the full screen resolution of LED displays, achieving point-to-point playback without image deformation, distortion, stretching, and other situations, fundamentally ensuring display quality.
        LED display screens can be customized according to the size requirements of the venue. The scheme effectively expands the visual space on the main control and matches with the high refresh product configuration, making the visual effect of LED display screens stronger and bringing a sense of immersion to customers, allowing people to fully immerse themselves in the carefully created magical atmosphere. Immersive LED display screen with high-definition realism, excellent display effect, low brightness, no loss of gray and white, and delicate and natural graphics. In addition, as long as the screen area meets the standard, high-definition display of 4K or more can be easily achieved, allowing the immersive experience to always present high-definition image quality materials, making the picture more realistic and the visual experience better. Flexible combination and splicing, with variable shapes, this small module has the advantages of flexible combination, seamless splicing, large or small screens, and easy maintenance. It can flexibly create any desired shape based on the immersive experience scene, effectively expanding the visual space, bringing people a sense of immersive space, and providing people with a shocking, exciting, and incredible immersive experience.
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